Minimalist Website


Minimalist website hits the 21st-century network world like a bombshell with its famous feature design style which has a flat design, a combination of limited colour schemes, apply white space and eye-catching typography. Minimalist website’s popularity rises for its reasons. Most web designers are applying this type of design on their website because it is more convenient and time-saving as they do not need to think of any complicated topic or theme for its website.

Photo by Florian Klauer on Unsplash.

There are a few tricks for your minimalist website:

  1. Apply white space

White space is designed for its own reasons. It is a new trend to design your website with white space as it is clean and your main selling message can be conveyed directly to your audiences. Your audiences will be forced to focus only on the images appear on the website instead of the background itself.  Applying white space can help you to highlight your website content and guide your audiences to navigate more on your website.

2. Blend the colour combination well

You can combine a few colours together apart from only black and white colours. Mix different shades of monochrome colour can work better than you think. Adjust the shades and tints well and you will achieve unbelievable results. You can use this trick for your background image. Less complicated design work to attract more viewers’ attention because it is clean and comfortable to look at.

3. Insert the appropriate typography style

Well-Written content with the appropriate typography style helps you to inform your audiences which is the main points that you wish to convey to them. A more simple user interface fonts can help your website to boost its popularity in the shortest time as your viewers will return to view more interesting post on your website.

If you have no idea how to design your minimalist website, feel free to contact web design Malaysia for more information. …