Have you seen a Muslim woman? While there are Islamic countries where most of the Muslim clan is staying, you will also find them in other countries, blending with the rest of the world. Sometimes, you will easily identify them as they are wearing a hijab, and sometimes, you won’t as they look just like any other women.

Why do you think other Muslim women don’t wear a hijab? By the way, a hijab is a head covering that runs down to the chest. This is used by most Muslim women in answer to their scriptures, to dress modestly. But as mentioned above, there are Muslim women who don’t wear them and below are some of the most possible reasons:

Others stop using a kind of covering after thoroughly digging through their scriptures and realizing that they are actually not obliged to wear one. They are just required to dress modestly.

In their Quran, it states that you should not draw attention to yourself. And they find that wearing a hijab makes them different from most of the other people and thus, they easily catch attention. They even experience rude stares at times. Thus, they stop wearing the head covering.

For others, they don’t need to wear Hijab Malaysia all the time, just to be modest. They have so many other ways to do that.

They believe that hijab means a lot of negative things like poverty, oppression, domestic violence, and still a lot more. They would rather just plainly blend with other people.

Yes, when there are imposed rules, you can’t really expect everyone to follow them right away. Especially if there are no punishments, you can be assured that they will just do whatever it is that they will feel comfortable.


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