Guide to Writing an Amazing Thesis Statement

Writing a thesis will eventually become a part of your academic activities as a student. It is crucial as it makes up a considerable part of your scores. It is only fitting that you must give time and focus when doing your thesis.

Colleges often require their students to write one as it helps test their ability in writing. It also offers a chance for them to provide an academic argument based on their point of view regarding the topic. Hence, creating a solid and persuasive one is a must. 

Writing a thesis statement should not be intimidating as writing helps express your thoughts and is a form of persuasion on your reader. If you’re worried about what to write and how to start writing one, don’t fret. This article will guide you to writing a great thesis statement. 

What is a Thesis Statement All About?

Before discussing writing a good one, we must first understand what it’s all about.  A thesis statement explains how the subject matter interprets to its reader. It answers the question directly about the topic. A thesis statement is similar to a roadmap as it states what awaits the readers when they read it. 

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Writing one is a lot easier and more fun than you think. Why?  Well, it is because the statement is comprised of the following:

  • It is only one sentence long.
  • It answers the question directly without beating around the bush.
  • Its claim is both argumentative and persuasive to its reader yet shows them why you are right at the end of the topic.
  • It is powerful, making it engaging to read. 

Most students look forward to writing it as it allows them to provide an argument on a topic they are assigned to or want to tackle. Their skills in both writing and persuasion come into play when creating one. 

Where is the These Statement Placed?

You’re probably wondering what part of the paper you will write your winning statement? It is written in the last sentence of an introduction. Like a map to your writing, it tells the readers what to expect before reading your main idea. 

It is important not to let your readers get lost in the idea or topic when reading your paper hence why a thesis statement is usually located in the first part. It allows them to be engaged and read further on the argument you want to discuss and debate.

Why does your Essay need a Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement clearly answers the question your paper explores. It has two important parts which are:

  • the WHAT: It is the topic that is discussed in your essay
  • the WHY: It is your reason or reasons behind the claim of topic

An essay requires a great thesis statement because it helps support your idea clarifying it into one or two sentences. Lastly, it makes your paper organized and well-developed thus allowing your readers to be better-guided to your argument.


Creating a Thesis Statement

So, you’re now ready to write your statement? You’re probably asking yourself, how do you begin and how to write one? The first thing you should do is read your assignment topic and distill it into a specific question. So, let’s say your assignment is “Create a report that explains the benefits of eating oranges daily to your skin.” make it into something like “What are the benefits of daily eating oranges to your skin?”. 

Once you’ve chosen the question for your essay, you can then compose one to two statements answering the question. The answer to the question will be the thesis statement of your essay paper. 

For example:
Q: “What are the benefits of eating oranges daily to your skin?”
A:  “Eating oranges daily promotes benefits such as….”

Always remember that before you create an argument for your topic, you must first collect and gather your evidence behind it and organize it to make your statement solid and direct. Look for facts and possible relationships between such as contrast and similarities. You will be then able to create a strong thesis statement.

A Strong Thesis Statement

Writing an amazing one is not that difficult. Here are some things to keep in check for a strong thesis statement:

  • It should make a powerful and strong stand for your argument. 
  • It should justify the discussion
  • It answers the question specifically and directly. 
  • It should be able to pass the “so what” test.
  • It should express one main idea.